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Denka Atrium High Lift Rental

Denka Lift DL28

Key Benefits

  • Platform heights up to 92 feet, working heights to 99 feet.
  • Standard feature lowers the unit from the towing position (from the higher ground clearance position required for towing) as much as 11 inches to a lowered height of 6 foot 3 inches.
  • Limited self-propelled capabilities enable operator to drive the unit from the platform.
  • Light weight and optimal load distribution produces as little as 23.5 PSI of floor load pressure.
  • Outriggers are deployed independently and are hydraulically controlled, allowing leveling on uneven terrain.
  • All-electric DC-powered machine equipped with a manual emergency lowering system

A Maximum work height 92 feet
B Maximum platform height 86 feet
C Maximum capacity 440 lbs.
D Maximum outreach 30 feet
E Minimum length 29"2"
F Minimum height 66
H Minimum width 7 feet.
I Overall weight 7,480 lbs.

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