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Denka Atrium High Lift Rental

Denka Lift AT-80

The Denka AT80 can handle large and small jobs requiring flexible access and it weighs in at only 5320 lbs. Making it is safe to use on most tile, granite and marble flooring.


The Denka AT80 lift easily passes through a standard 36 inch wide doorway and can be fully operational in a matter of minutes.


Both the front and rear wheels of the DENKA AT80 turn allowing for a much wider range of maneuverability.

Thanks to the built in batteries the lift can be operated silently and quickly anywhere.

The DENKA AT80 and 2350 working together to get the job done quickly. Smooth hydraulic controls allow for precise movement and built in batteries enable the AT80 lift to be operated anywhere quickly and silently.

A Maximum work height 81 feet
B Maximum platform height 75 feet
C Maximum capacity 440 lbs.
D Maximum outreach 35 feet
E Minimum length 17"10"
F Minimum height 66
G Minimum width 34.5 "
H Overall weight 5,320 lbs.
I Self propelled drive system 180 lbs.

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